Asallam Alaeikum Warahmatallah Wabarakatu. We welcome you to our blog. We are Muslim women dedicated to enlightening ourselves on our Islamic rights, in regards to our daily affairs (as evident in the Qur’an and Hadith/Sunnah). We also want to share the daily struggle of Muslimahs, dealing with cultural and societal pressure to be perfect.

Our Mission is to educate, uplift and inspire women to know their worth and also ensure that a Muslimah’s voice might be soft, but it must never be silenced. We are envisioned to nurture a better community of focused and strong women.

There are different categories in this blog that caters to everyone. There is the Personal Journey that highlights the real stories of Muslimahs. We also have the Dawah where we learn about the holy book, hadiths and the various Prophets. Hot Topic is where we discuss pressing topic and our various opinions. Speak your mind is where sisters are allowed to unburden themselves. This is the only category where sister can change their name or remain anonymous. We encourage you to all participate.

The blog visitors are encouraged to interact and discuss various topics by commenting on various posts. This is an Islamic blog so we must abide by the fundamental principles of our religion which is being peaceful and treating people with respect. We don’t all have to agree but we must respectfully disagree. Trolling other’s comment or profanity could lead to removal. Guest authors are encouraged as long as they abide by our blog rules, which includes no plagiarizing. Please read more on the blog rules by visiting the rules of engagement page.

Ma Sha Allah, We appreciate your visit.



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