Sunday, January 19, 2020
No other issue has been of intense debate like the duties of a man in Islam. A responsible Muslim man is a man that is willing to take up all the responsibility Allah has assigned to him. The best example of a responsible Muslim man is the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The duty of a Muslim man is towards his mother, father,...
A beacon of Hope! One of the greatest desires of a married couple is having children of their own someday.  In the olden days, having many children was a sign of wealth, fertility and source of socioeconomic progress as children function as an extensive support system to the family.
I have always known Jannah to be at our mother's feet since my childhood days. I had listened to various sermon in the mosque, on the radio during Ramadan tafsirs and also from my ustaaz on several occasion. This hadith is stated below; Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) said,  Your Heaven lies under the feet of...
We live in a world where we fear the ills of our society, we fear the immorality we see in our community, we scream at the injustice and oppression in our countries but what about the dangers in our homes?
In the general study of human behavior, everyone loves to be respected and no one appreciates being insulted, bullied or oppressed. Human response to interaction results from the way and manner of approach, the conditions of instruction and request. This is also affirmed in a scientific study which is applicable and pervasive in our everyday lives;
The Holy Prophet (pbuh) used to show gestures to please A'isha (RA). He (pbuh) once asked A'isha (RA) to take up a race on foot. First time A'isha (RA) won the race because of her light body weight but by the second time,  her husband (pbuh) won the race as she was now a little bit sturdy....
The best gift from parents to their children is good education and upbringing. Children are blessings from Allah and are born with pure souls. How they are raised and the environment of nurture plays a major role in their lives and personalities. This is why it is important for parents to adopt good parenting skills in...
As the eldest child, I can tell you that being the firstborn in Yorubaland is a tough business. My childhood would have been said to have ended the moment my sister arrived. The moment my sister was born, everyone expected me to transform into adulthood automatically. I can say I was not prepared. Chai! Chai!! Chai!!! It...
People embrace religion at different rates so it's important to respect people's pace and journey. One should be the best human (one who treats others with kindness and love) because its the surest way to Jannah.




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