Monday, June 24, 2019
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This is an avenue for muslimahs to speak their mind.

T Should we pay for the crimes of our ancestors? Can we marry from the perceived enemies of our family? What exactly happened that we cannot forgive? The hate we give is a development of the injustice we feel. Oftentimes, when we feel wronged there is the urge to take justice into...
Is my husband a rapist? By :  Hafsat A and Khadijah E A sister came to me recently and confided in me on what she should do because her husband forces himself on her whenever she refuses to have sex with him. My thought was “is this force or rape”? Why...
We hear stories such as that of R Kelly who married Aaliyah at age 15, and we condemn it. Whereas, we witness such union in our communities and turn a blind eye.
It is Allah's doing, no one can question his authority. Some have excess to feed on, some have very little while some have nothing. If you've got the means to finger a meal, be grateful.   It is Allah's doing, no two persons have the same destiny. Fingers are not equal likewise the same...
In the days of my secondary school, we have our morning assembly in a faction that is rare. It is a school with a population of Muslims and Christians. There is no secret in religion perhaps that is what makes Middle Eastern religions to stand out. Back to the matter, we all assemble together for the morning...
Assalam Alaykum Waramotullahi Wabarakatuh! Life is in phases for everyone of us! Some of these phases are very sweet, beautiful while some are very heart breaking, challenging and weakening! We all experience this in one form or the other. As women, we have so many expectations…… Happily ever after marriage with a dashing Habibi ... But for...
A beautiful creation of Allah bestowed on everyone. When put to use with the right frame of mind, It can be very powerful, move the seemingly impossible, It can destroy, then build. How do you use yours as a Muslimah? Is it gone in you or still very much active?
Asallam Alaeikum Warahmatallah Wabarakatu. We welcome you to our blog. We are Muslim women dedicated to enlightening ourselves on our Islamic rights, in regards to our daily affairs (as evident in the Qur'an and Hadith/Sunnah). We also want to share the daily struggle of Muslimahs, dealing with cultural and societal pressure to be perfect.




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