Empowerment is seen as the solution to many women’s problems but the truth is a woman can’t be fully empowered, if her mind is not empowered. This is why we have high earning women staying in abusive marriages and a self sustained lady in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t value her, abuses and cheats on her. The mind empowerment I’m talking about here is none other than self-esteem. Majority of the womenfolk have low self-esteem and it has been so since time immemorial. It is not really our fault but how we were raised but now we know better.

What exactly is this self-esteem?
Self-esteem in its simplest meaning is how you see yourself, how much you appreciate and love yourself.

  • Do you see yourself as someone that doesn’t deserve happiness?
  • Do you feel you won’t get a better opportunity or man than the present one (the man that makes you unhappy)?
  • Do you always feel like you’re not good enough and worthless?
  • Do you always feel like you’re destined to suffer and can never make it in life?
  • Do you stop being you, displease yourself to satisfy others and make them like you?
  • Do you believe all the negativity being said about you by family and friends, even though you know you it is not true?
  • Are you unable to make decisions and believe other people will make better decisions than you?
  • Do you blame yourself unfairly for what is not your fault and what is beyond your power?
  • Do you always feel you’re not beautiful enough and see faults in the creation of your being?

If your answers to above question gets a “YES” then, You have a low self-esteem. Don’t be scared, don’t feel bad, it is normal. Majority of the people you see today with good self-esteem have once been in your shoes but took action to regain the self-esteem they never had.

Be a Confident Woman

How do you improve your self-esteem?

  • You start by moving closer to Allah. Appreciate his work on you because Allah makes no mistakes, all his creations are beautiful.
  • Think of “what and who” is affecting your self-esteem.
  • Then always have it in your mind that you deserve the best because Allah loves you and some disappointments are blessings in disguise.
  • Connect with people that loves and appreciate you for who you are and distance yourself from negative people.
  • Set a challenge or goal and achieve it.
  • Learn to be assertive.
  • Focus on the best and positive things about you.
  • Take good care of yourself.

Question: Can a woman truly be empowered if her mind is not empowered?

Asalam aleikum



  1. This beautiful especially now when women are made to look half naked in order to attract men. Women are brought so low in the name of modernity. I wonder if ladies enjoy their live in this modern times.


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