It is Allah’s doing, no one can question his authority. Some have excess to feed on, some have very little while some have nothing. If you’ve got the means to finger a meal, be grateful.  

It is Allah’s doing, no two persons have the same destiny. Fingers are not equal likewise the same fingerprints can never be found in two different individuals. Everyone is unique in creation.  Work at your pace. We have different scripts. Never see life as a competition.

It is Allah’s doing, no one can question his supremacy. Some are rich while some are poor. If you’ve got it wealthy, be grateful. If you are wretched, keep hope alive. Some situations are blessings in disguise. Allah knows what is best for each and every one of us. Lack of self-contentment can make a weak mind to finger that which does not belong to him or even starts to earn from haram means.  With steadfastness and hard work, Allah’s aid is sought and his mercy is bountiful.

It is Allah’s doing. He showers his blessings on whomever he chooses. It is by his might that means of livelihood thrives. “Save for rainy days” is a saying of the wise. Another says; Do not eat with ten fingers. If you are not yet there to grow a save, keep on with hard work, have faith in Allah and keep your fingers crossed.

Peace and Gratitude..

It is Allah’s doing. He is the Just and the Judge. Who are we to judge our fellow human? We can only admonish ourselves on wrongdoings and to be mindful of our sole purpose of existence on earth. While at it, we are responsible for our state of mind and the way we think of ourselves. Pointing a mean accusing finger at someone might be counterproductive if the capacity to remediate what went wrong is swiftly available. Swinging into action and leaving the culprit to his conscience would be just fine.

It is Allah’s doing. Every breathing being is entitled to time. Conscious use of time is vital for all activities. Engaging the fingers in something unproductive poses an obstacle to wrapping our fingers around important works. Fingers can only type success stories when we run our time purposely.

It is Allah’s doing, no one can question his throne. Some are having it blissful in marriage, some are having it sour and full of regrets while some are yet to get a spouse. If you have it positively inclined, be grateful. If it is average, keep hope alive. If it is brutal and loveless, the most honorable thing to do is to take a bow so as not to get fingered of a crime that might emanate from bitterness and frustration. It is avoidable, be proactive. If you are still waiting, hold on to Allah.

It’s by Allah doing. He gave it to us. In two, It runs over the body, awakens the system, giving trembles and signals of life.

Allahu Akbar! Part of the first to cleanse for ablution and the first to raise for salat. ©muslimahsvoices


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