Meet Sis Hafsat

Tell us a little about yourself.
I was born in Lagos but moved to the UK in the 90s. I see myself as a student of life and I try my hands at different skills, hence my passion to learn and seek knowledge. My family jokes that I am a jack of all trade; I know something about something owing to the fact that I’m a restless being that doesn’t have the patience to master one.

Tell us about your Islamic journey.
I was born into a Muslim family, but my family were not orthodox Muslims and I practiced Christianity for many years. I met my ex-husband and he was not comfortable with me going to church. My mother found her faith and started practicing Islam in her 40s, she expressed her wish for us to start practicing so when my ex-husband started voicing his opinion, he piggybacked on her request. I was not pressured by them as I believe religion is something that should be chosen so one day I said a prayer for my path to be shown to me. Alhamdulillah, Islam is the religion for me and I have never doubted being a Muslim.

What have you learned from your religious experience?
I’ve learned to be myself, my worship is between Almighty Allah and me.

What is your favorite religious saying?
The belief in the Oneness of Allah, the Prophets and Angels.

What’s your favorite general saying?
Live and let live, life is too long and too short to be unhappy.

Two words that describe you.
Liberal and opinionated.

What’s the vision behind the group?
To educate and hopefully correct some of the misconceptions, prejudicial and stereotypical views of women in Islam.