Meet Sis Khadijah

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am Khadijah, the last child of five children of very wonderful parents. I have a B.Sc in Sociology and I’m currently working as a labor officer. I am married and entrusted with two loving children. Alhamdulillah!

Tell us about your Islamic Journey
My journey through Islam is definitely a sign of guidance from Allah. I’m grateful for where I am and I wish to even get better. Learning is ongoing till we stop to live.

What have you learned from your religious experience?
Islamophobia is a worldwide political propaganda but Allah has promised us that the light of Islam will continue to shine (Suratul Taubah, Q9vs 32).

What’s your favorite religious saying?
Inna lillahi wa inna ilaehi rajiun! From Allah we have come and to him we shall return.

What’s your favorite general saying ?
It would only get better.

Two words that describes you.
Hard working and Selfless.

What’s the vision behind the group?
I have always believed in Justice and Equity (not necessarily full equality) in all forms of social relations. Even Allah’s (Subhana wa ta’ala) relationship with his servants is established as a form of contract. It was reported that the Prophet (SAW) said Allah’s right upon us is to worship him and ours upon him is to protect us (Sahih Bukhari 6938, Sahib Muslim 30). In this same regard, ‘fathers and children’, ‘masters and slaves’ as well as ‘husbands and wives’ have rights upon themselves. When we all discharge our duties properly, there won’t be war.
It is not news that more often, women are being treated unfairly in their homes by their fathers, husbands and even their sons.The solution is to educate women first to; recognize their value as women, their rights and duties in marriage (including other spheres) and transmit this knowledge to
their children for a better future.