Meet Sis Taariqa

Tell us a little about yourself.
I was born in Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire. I had my primary to university education at the University of Lagos. My bachelor and Masters degree are in History and Strategic Studies. I specialize in Historiography and I have published some of my findings. I am also an educator and a researcher. I am currently working on Memory in History.

Tell us about your Islamic journey.
I was born a Muslim, my father is a liberal Muslim and people of other faiths have always surrounded me. The curiosity about my religion has also strengthened me in my faith as a Muslim. This has made me discover Islam for myself as I seek for answers. I have not reached the peak of faith but I am on the path to becoming a better Muslim.

What have you learned from your religious experiences?
I have discovered that Islam starts with the heart, that all actions are judged according to intentions. I have
also learnt not to limit my search for knowledge.

What is your favorite religious saying?
“Search for knowledge even if it is as far as China”

What are the two words that describe you?
Empathetic and Analytical.

What is the vision behind the group?
I believe Muslim women should be able to voice out their interpretation and utilization of the Islamic norms as they affect their everyday life in the non-secular world. A woman should not suppress her intelligence to fit into myopia.