Rules for Posting

  1. It is important to ensure all references are cited to avoid plagiarism
  2. Every contributor is solely responsible for the things posted and i implore everyone to be mindful of international plagiarism and cyber crimes laws.
  3. All write ups must adhere to the Islamic conduct and refrain from inciting violence.
  4. This write-up was willingly given to @muslimahsvoice

Conflict Resolution Between Blog Visitors

  1. Remember, they are to see Islam in us so we must practice restraint and diplomacy at all times.
  2. If a member is being disrespectful to an admin or member, a warning shall be issued and the comments will deleted.
  3. If the member is still disrespectful after two warnings, the member shall be blocked from the blog. We are to stay away from negativity.
  4. There is a fine line between constructive criticism and ridiculing/negative nancy/trolling.
  5. We don’t have to accept everything but we can respectful disagree.