A part of the human make-up.
A boost of self-esteem and self-worth.
The consciousness of our own identity.
A raise of shoulders and a head-up for straight thinking.
The confidence-within that quenches doubt!

Rather than be a blessing to man,
A reflection of venom in human affairs is now what it is.
A negative connotation as a human enemy.
A mistaken bad trait to possess in this day.
Misconstrued as a bad emotion,
Perceived as arrogance and false pride.

It burrows hard into homes.
He would never tender an apology when gone wrong,
I, I am, I am the one, I am the head.
As for her, sorry can be too expensive to say,
She would rather act “All is well”.
To apologize to a domestic help when we obviously wronged them?
It’s like an abomination, a taboo, so they thought.
It’s almost tantamount to being buried already in the grave.

“You shall not treat the people with arrogance,
Nor shall you roam the earth proudly.
God does not like the arrogant showoffs
“Walk humbly and lower your voice – the ugliest voice is the donkey’s voice”.
[Quran 31:18-19].

We brought you to this world, we can hardly be wrong.
How dare you feel offended?
You had better swallowed your grievances.
It got learnt from the top eventually,
And Siblings rivalry thrives.
If not discontinued, progeny also adopts the bitterness.
Hence, the beginning of the end of a family tie.

Followership can’t succumb to Leadership.
Team objectives are threatened.
After all, what special skills does he/she possess that I don’t have?
Co-workers keys into Envy and Jealousy.
It seems dark, you simply don’t know who is who.

“Are those enlightened by their Lord,
The same as those whose evil works are adorned in their eyes,
And they follow their own opinions?”
Quran[ 47:14]

Employers tramples on employees.
The heart bleeds and confrontation blinks
Who wants to bite the fingers that feeds?
Abide or leave.
Administration and Authority speaks!

The Clerics/Instructors assumes a “Know-All”,
The feeling of “What wisdom do you have?”
It’s the negativity of the Ego.
It makes the Tutor to mistreat the learners.
Fate to pass or fail is at hand.

…..Rule among the people equitably,
and do not follow your personal opinion,
lest it diverts you from the way of God”
[Quran 38:26].
Let me see if he would say the teslim first,
Yes! He didn’t, the other party won’t either.
In some cases, why should I reply her teslim?
She is so sinful, her Iman is low.
She disobeys Allah a lot.

The Political Sphere dwells in it.
A common man means little or nothing.
The main reason; I am better than you.
He centres everything around himself.
He separates himself from the outside world.

…….And here lies the answer to Ego problem,
The Antidote that gives peace of the mind.
“Taqwa and Tawadu”
“The Fear of Allah and Humility”.


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