I walked down the street, and I saw a little girl throwaway pure water nylon. It is just a sachet you will say till everyone indulges in the act. Then when millions of plastics and nylons get thrown in our drainages, which then obstruct the flow of water.

When the raining season begins, and we see that flood has no respect for segregation. We see highbrow areas get flooded. We see millions of investment go down the drain. Even the rich man could not paddle his kayak on the flooded water. The nursing mother could not save her baby from the water that has risen above the bed. All cry for help. The emergency lines are busy. Everyone has to rely on their survival techniques to outwait the heavy rain.

On the mainland, the storm had blown down the high tension wires. The school pupils could not see them. The flood had covered the cables. Unfortunately, they stepped on them, and that was the end of their journey on earth. Their widowed mother was devastated, the children who were the result of a happy marriage. Her only hope into the future for a better tomorrow. Many mourn, but to her, they could not bring back her children. Hope was lost, such a painful exit from the world.

The farmer laboured hard to sow seeds. The plants are beginning to germinate. The storm came. The streams blocked with nylons and plastics. The river banks have changed direction.  Ah!  The river washed away his crops. The poor man suffered a heart attack. Ah!! Another preventable death, a massive loss.

After the storm, the fisherman goes fishing. He could not catch a fish. The plastics have polluted the water. The rivers are not easy to navigate. The fishes that were not dead have changed course. He returned home to his hungry family with an empty basket. Ah!!! A family sleeps in hunger.

Poor sanitation…

The environment weeps. The pure water nylons do not decompose. It adds no value to the Soil. Years to come the pure water nylons were still intact as the soil tried to bury it. When these nylons are burnt, harmful substances get into the atmosphere. We have polluted our environment the struggle has now moved from fighting malaria to fighting cancer. Chemicals in plastic which give them their rigidity or flexibility (flame retardants, bisphenols, phthalates and other harmful chemicals) are oily poisons that repel water and stick to petroleum-based objects like plastic debris.  So, the toxic chemicals that leach out of plastics can accumulate on other plastics.  This is a serious concern with increasing amounts of plastic debris accumulating in our waters.

We learn in school about the importance of keeping our environment clean. We learn from religion about the significance of a clean environment (Abu Hurairah reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said,O people, Allah is pure, and he accepts only what is genuine). We learn from culture on the importance of keeping the environment (Imototo bori aarun mole boye ti I bori ooru (Cleanliness neutralises diseases as harmattan dispels heat (cleanliness is next to Godliness). Where on earth did we unlearn this essential civic duty?

It is all our faults because the little girl who threw the nylon into the drainage only did it because she saw an adult do it.  We all are responsible for what we have turned mother earth into. It is just sad that a simple civic responsibility would have prevented many harms. So it is not just pure water nylon. No, it is not just plastic. Let us drop our refuse in the waste bin. Let us depose our waste correctly. Plastic and sachet should be recycled because they do not decompose. The plastics and nylons have released more toxins into the environment. Abu Dharr Al-Ghafari reports (May Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, Removing harmful things from the road is an act of charity (sadaqah).”  ©muslimahsvoices


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  1. I love this piece terribly. Maybe because it is connected to my course of study (social engineering) at the University. Plastics never decompose even if you buy them for many many years yet they gradually leach out harmful chemicals. This alone freaks me out as I realise why our health is also gradually depleting. Thanks for this reminder again. Kudos ma’am

    • Alhamdulillah, thanks sis, waliyakum. We constantly need to remind ourselves on the importance of caring for our environment. The health implication of polluted environment is disastrous.

  2. Ma sha Allah. I love this write up terribly. Maybe it because it has to do with my course of study at the University (social engineering) which I am passionate about. Plastics do not decompose and if one buries a piece of plastic for many many years, it would remain just the same but gradually leach out its harmful chemicals. I find this alone alarming as our health is at stake. Just yesterday, a guest at my work place threw a water pep bottle on our lawn. I asked her to please pick it up and place it in the little bin. This is the least expected of us as part of our civic duties. Thanks for bringing our attention to this again. Kudos ma’am


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