A beautiful creation of Allah bestowed on everyone.

When put to use with the right frame of mind, It can be very powerful, move the seemingly impossible, It can destroy, then build.

How do you use yours as a Muslimah? Is it gone in you or still very much active?

It is there for a purpose. I ask you to use your voice today and make it a productive tool.

When a girl child is born, her first activity is to voice out (crying).

As she grows, all her needs, wants, desires and displeasure are communicated by way of either crying, blabbering, stammering, murmuring and the eventual talking when she becomes of age.

Adulthood reaches the world of marital union and general human coexistence, then her voice begins to fade away.

Self-expression is muted for the sake of peace, bleeding heart sets in and then, she dies within.

She is shattered and dreams might not come true because of emotional instability.

Fellow human voices silenced her even in the glare of unfairness.
Only few valiants out of the multitude summons the courage to self-expression.

Quran (13:11) says “Verily! Allah will not change the condition of people until they change that which is in their hearts.”

Break the tie of self-esteem crunch anywhere and in any situation you found yourself.

Talk when you should, be quiet when necessary, take caution and action if the situation warrants it and leave the rest to Allah.

Shine with shyness without losing yourself and model with modesty.

May Ar Rahman grant us the grace to voice the khalimah shahadah while at the brink of exit from the earth. Allahumo Amin.


  1. Sometimes, people are trapped within the boundaries they have set for themselves. The I can’t do this “what will people say” the self reminding is so much that “they no longer hear themselves speak”. The need to shout, to let it out is very therapeutic. The dilemma of who will hear me is the beginning of hopelessness


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