Assalam Alaykum Waramotullahi Wabarakatuh!
Life is in phases for everyone of us!
Some of these phases are very sweet, beautiful while some are very heart breaking, challenging and weakening!
We all experience this in one form or the other.
As women, we have so many expectations……
Happily ever after marriage with a dashing Habibi …
But for some of us, our world comes crashing down with our sad reality!
Then, despair sets in…..
We blame ourselves.
We lose our self-esteem.
We lose focus as if nothing matters again.
We get depressed…
We withdraw into our own silent & bleak world, shutting out the world, even our children are not
We worry our hearts, souls, & minds to the point of insanity.
At this point, we feel all alone & miserable!
We are like a living dead person!
We become silent, voiceless and we try to soak up all the pain.
At this point, it seems as if nothing can be salvaged from the turmoil we are going through!
My dear sisters, the scenario is true for a lot of us.
What should we do?
We need a good & reliable listening ear.
We need to share our pain & worries.
We need not feel ashamed or inadequate.
We need to speak out and find our voices!
Our culture have greatly affected our psyche, limiting us, shaming us, blaming us, & destroying our faith.
We need to rewrite our stories.

Seek Refuge with Allah (SWT)

We need to snap out of our anger, bitterness, emotional tumoil & all that is draining us!
We need to love ourselves more than any other!
We need to recharge & bounce back.
We need to prove our strength & resilience.

No matter what you are going through, call onto Allah, your Rabb…
Seek for His forgiveness, peace of mind, favors & blessings!
Call on your Rabb sincerely, with the firm belief that He will answer you!
Leave everything with Him that knows best!
Step out…
Move on…
Help yourself….
Rediscover yourself…
Challenge yourself…
Empower yourself….
Love yourself…
Enjoy yourself…
Be happy…
You definitely deserve to be happy!
Enjoy your life dear sister. Life is beautiful, but short! Make the best of your life positively!

I deserve to be happy, when life gives me lemons, I will make chilled lemonade …




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